“We lay there and looked up at the night sky and she told me about stars called blue squares and red swirls and I told her I'd never heard of them. Of course not, she said, the really important stuff they never tell you. You have to imagine it on your own.”


Photos from the start of summer…

The first step of my t-shirt quilt, my sweet puppy (Lady), sunflowers coming up and Erin coming to visit and helping me pick out my brand new beautiful camera!

30 Days of Disney Parks- Day 4

Most Underrated Attraction

That’s a tough one…
I’d have to say Living with the Land.

A lot of people think it’s boring and nerdy and don’t even give it a chance. But it’s very peaceful and educational. I think even if you aren’t interested in plants/fruits/fish it’s still really cool to see the lemons, pumpkins and tomatoes shaped like Mickey Mouse heads! :)

30 Days of Disney Parks- Day 3

First Park You Ever Went To:

Magic Kingdom in WDW in 1989

I was 9 months old the first time I went to a Disney park, and since then I have gone once sometimes twice a year to Disneyland or Disney World!

So lucky my momma loves it and got me hooked :)

30 Day Disney Park Challenge- Day 2

Riding Big Thunder Mountain on our April 2013 trip!

Favorite Mountain Attraction (Splash, Space or Thunder):

My favorite mountain attraction is probably Big Thunder Mountain.

That was my definitely favorite ride when I was younger, as soon as I was tall enough to experience it! My mom’s favorite is Space mountain, so we often had fun running back and forth to both of them during our trips to the parks.

30 Day Disney Park Challenge- Day 1

Day 1: FavoritePark

My favorite park would have to be EPCOT.

I love the music, food, drinks, smells and the atmosphere there. I also really love just hanging out around World Showcase, and Illuminations is my favorite show. I think for me that park isn’t about the rides, it’s about the atmosphere and that makes it my favorite. If we were going to base it on rides it’d be a whole different story. I also love that the monorail comes through the park. The history of EPCOT and what Walt Disney originally wanted it to be is also very interesting.

Give me a brat from Germany, a margarita from Mexico (although they don’t go too well together, haha) and a good spot to watch Illuminations and I am one happy happy girl.

My boyfriend, Donny, and I at the Japan Pavilion picking out oysters


some pictures I got on Peter Pan’s Flight

Don’t use your flash to take pictures on a dark ride :( ruins the ride for anyone riding near you.

That whole 'Andy's coming' thing about Disneyland is FALSE.


The ‘Andy’s Coming!’ thing about Toy Story characters at Disney parks has gone viral. This is a very bad thing because it IS NOT TRUE. They will NOT collapse/freeze whatever if someone says Andy is coming.

This is becoming a real problem at the parks because now someone yells ‘Andy’s coming’ around the TS characters an average of every 8-10 minutes, nonstop all day. They will not do what that stupid viral post states they will! Why? Not only can it damage the multi-thousand dollar costumes but it’s also unsafe for the performer and the guests around them. They likely wouldn’t even even be able to get back up due to the weight and limits of the costumes. The castmembers can be fired if they actually do this.

At Disneyland today a guest assaulted Buzz when he did not collapse/freeze when that damnable phrase was yelled yet again. I was informed of this by a friend in the character department. The department is sick of it and it’s quite possible that the TS characters may taken out of commission until the fad passes.

Please repost the ever-lasting shit out of this post so the stupidity can stop.


I got the best present I could ever ask for this holiday season…

I found out that I can graduate from UNC this spring :), with just one more class to take! I also found out that I got the job at PFA and I couldn’t be happier!!

For the last few months I had kind of been in a rut, thinking it would be at least a year before I would finally be done with school and feel “like an adult.” I have also been at the same job for 7 years, and it’s time to work at a place where I can move up. 

I bought a FitBit One yesterday and am pretty excited to see how it’s information motivates me. The goal is to burn an additional 500 calories a day (on top of my BMR which is 1954) to loose around a pound a week. I really like the food I eat, and I don’t want to diet or change my eating habits a lot. I don’t eat big portions, but I do enjoy the occasional chocolate chip muffin or slice of pizza…and I don’t want to change that haha. So this little gadget will tell me calories burned (including BMR), how much sleep I get, how many steps I take and stairs I climb, etc. Then it allows me to set goals and I get badges for reaching them! Too cool!

I leave for visit my sister in WDW here in a couple days, so I’m really psyched to see how many miles I am actually walking when we are there, and how many extra calories that burns!

I’m pretty happy with my weight, but it’s time to shape up and drop a couple pounds in the process. Can’t wait to start my new job either, and frame my diploma :) oh man! Exciting things coming!